All Together Now



Reinterpreting History

Artist Statement

Curraghmore house, near Portlaw in County Waterford, is the last of 4 castles built by the de la Poer family after their arrival in Ireland in 1167. It was home to the Marquess of Waterford which was held under English title and the estate had stables for 100 horses and employed 600 people in its prime.

Visual artists Nicholas Azidis and Rose Staff were invited from Australia to produce a site specific work that re-imagined the Curraghmore House in a contemporary way with lively and colourful designs.This was to be presented while the estate held a festival on its grounds called All Together Now.

After the Irish war of Independence from the English the Waterford family lost its power in Ireland and they became what’s known as ‘stranded gentry’. Large parts of the estate have become dilapidated and left unoccupied as only the central part of the house was still maintained.

The All Together Now Festival in recent times is a way that the community has become be reengaged with the location. Blending medieval carnival with modern day music festival culture people can come and enjoy the history of the place, having a lively and entertaining experience.

All Together Now Festival
Curraghmore Estate, Waterford, Ireland
Façade Building Projection
Creative Director. Emma-lee Luther
Animation & Motion Design. Rose Staff & Nick Azidis
Production Company. Projection Teknik