Visual Artist / Motion Graphic Designer

Rose Staff

Rose Staff, sometimes known under the alias Radiance, is a media visual artist from Byron Bay, Australia, now residing in Melbourne. She works with moving image and live performance in a range of settings around the world, from contemporary art installations to large-scale vibrant projections at festivals. Using experimental hybrids of traditional and digital art forms, Rose explores how contemporary phenomena such as communication technologies and audio-visual space influence our perception of the modern world.

Rose explores the intersection of technology and visual art, with each project extending this creative approach in new ways. Areas she has investigated in her work include:

  • 360 degree immersive dome projections inside a circular architectural space.
  • Interactivity using motion tracking of the physical body to manipulate and alter visual imagery.
  • Aerial cinematography using drones to create landscape panoramas.
  • Audio-visual digital performances.
  • immersive projection mapping installations
  • Experimental filming techniques.

Rose’s work is concerned with looking at perception through motion and spatial awareness. Her projects are often site specific, using a location or an architectural surface as the premise for her work. As she explores these places she is interested in looking at the ephemeral nature of the environment and the passage of time. Light as a medium becomes a transient material that she uses to explore these topics with.

Rose Staff has realised exhibitions, public art installations and performed at festivals globally. Showcase exhibitions include: Vivid (AU), White Nights (AU), Stereosonic (AU), Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal (CA), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Mapping Festival (CH), Scopitone (FR), Athens International Video Art Festival (GR), Live Performers Meeting (IT), Sonica (ME), AV playground (AT), Glow Festival (IT), Creature Live Art (LT), Polymer Culture Factory (EE), Burning Mountain Festival (CH), Rainbow Serpent Festival (AU), All Together Now (IE), The Australian Centre of Moving Image (AU).

Rose has co-produced and facilitated a number of new media art events with a focus on video and live performance, known as Project Pixel. These events featured a program of technology and visual art workshops in the daytime, followed by artist talks and presentations, and live audio-visual performances in the evening. The objective of Project Pixel was to be community engaging and open access for public participation. They were held as sub-events under the larger umbrella of the following festivals: Pause Fest, The Gertrude Street Projection Festival and Melbourne Fringe Festival.