Post Colonialism

Artist Statement

This piece is an immersive installation of light, animation and motion design. Titled “Isometric” it is a facade projection shown on the Werribee Mansion, presented at a New Years Day festival held in the Werribee Park called Let Them Eat Cake. It shows the ephemeral and immaterial quality of projection mapping as a medium. Isometric uses innovative light and optical illusions to show the familiar in an unusual way, inspiring imagination.

We are now in a post colonial setting within Australian culture and there is the importance for colonial landmarks and monuments such as Werribee Mansion to be re-invented and re-imagined in ways that are relevant to contemporary society. The concept of the Let Them Eat Cake festival is to provide a modern platform for creative expression removed from historic notions of class, race and gender.

The colonial style practice of industrial countries seeking to exploit the natural resources and people of a developing countries has disastrous consequences (such as logging and mining by multinational companies, and radically marginalised indigenous communities). Post-colonialism which emerged from this now questions the unjust distribution of resources and the over consumption among the elite.


Project Overview

Title: Isometric Projection

Location: Werribee Mansion

Project Type: Installation

Commissioned by: Let Them Eat Cake Festival


Technical Overview

Duration: One night projection on New Years Day 2018


Epson 25K Laser Projector

Content Creation: Nick Azidis & Rose Staff – Projection Teknik



Video documentation: Rose Staff