Psy-Fi Canopy projections



Canopy Projection mapping

Artist Statement

For this event Rose Staff and Nick Azidis collaborated together under the name of Projection Teknik to design a canopy projection installation. This piece mapped the mainstage shade at the music festival Psy-Fi held in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

Psy-Fi is a festival with the mission to create a space where visitors can enjoy art, culture, music, personal growth and nature. This event makes a space where people of all religions, cultures, countries and other labels can meet each other as one. Its mission is to provide a platform where we can learn from each other, be free and our selves in loving harmony and peace.

The focus lays on the Psychedelic (sub)culture, a culture with core values such as love, unity, peace and respect. It aims to create a higher level of consciousness amongst its visitors through its programs.

The festival wishes that its visitors integrate a piece of the experience into their daily lives and take some of it back into society, where they can be an example for others


This installation was the collaborative effort of the following people

Projection Teknik – Nick Azidis
Radiance – Rose Staff

CANOPY STRUCTURE: Designed and produced by ARTESCAPE – Carin Dickson
RIGGING: Visual Impact Riggers – Stefan Obybop Hansen, Ziggy Che, Kyle Pratt, Olivos Chalk, Byron Boshoff

LIGHTING: GV Stage Equipment – Jasper Visser
VIDEOGRAPHY: Nick Azidis, Rose Staff