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Polymer Culture Factory Residency Tallinn Estonia

Artist Statement

When I arrived in Estonia in 2012 I met several performance artists such as Sandra Jogeva, Tannel Sarr, Ernest Truly, Mai Soote who were working out of the Polymer Arts Centre where I was undertaking a residency. Towards the end of my stay in Estonia I went on tour with these artists across the Baltics performing in several similar culture factories. We started at Polymer in Tallinn, then going on to Riga in Latvia and continuing on the journey to the Creature Live Art festival held in Kaunus and then finally doing a performance at The Contemporary Art Centre in Villuns, the capital of Lithuania. Whilst on tour with these artists I was able to observe their practice and learn new techniques of production.

When I returned to Estonia for the summer of 2013 I was inspired to create a physical performance piece that reflected the art and culture of the place. I wanted to engage the location in the work and also make a work that looked at using the body as the art object. So I decided to undertake a walking project between locations around Tallinn and translate the documentations of the process into digital media.

These video sequences are the generation of such a process as each location and destination that I walked I also filmed. The triangle became a way to signify the link between one destination and the next.

The whole project is site specific and based on a concept of place. It brought up the concept of how far away or close something is in our mind. As Estonia is on the other side of the world to Australia this issue of proximity seemed relevant to me as a foreigner in a distant land.