sensory perception and phenomenology

Artist Statement

Intermedia Syneathesia is a work that focuses on sensory perception and phenomenology. It aims to bring attention to our lived and embodied experiences of the Brisbane urban landscape, revealing the subjective tension between the way we construct meaning in an external environment.

Manipulated visual and audio field recordings explore the process of how sound and noise turn from a physical phenomenon into a meaningful one through the passage of recognition, and the way in which a stimulation of light on the retina can lead to a concept of depth perception and visual spatial awareness such as direction, scale and motion.

Digital technology plays a key role in the work, exposing information held to the periphery that is almost out of visual or hearing range and bringing it to the forefront. It is also used to explore the process of cross-modal association that is involved with the construction of meaning; the way in which a synaesthetic stimulation in one or more different senses can trigger association and memory in another. This allows the work to give descriptions of a site specific location that go beyond the surface of naïve realism and question the nature of perception itself.