Île de Nantes, France

Artist Statement

Scenography Video Projection mapping and visuals by VJ Radiance / Rose Sugarlove at the Scopitone Festival 2013

This video installation was displayed at the venue Stereolux
Location: Île de Nantes, France

Scopitone is a festival in Nantes (France) surrounding music, image, artwork and digital art. By crossing the universes of music, image artwork, live production and digital art, Scopitone offers a path of artistic discovery in the heart of cultural, unordinary or emblematic venues in the city of Nantes.

Resolutely trans-disciplinary, the Festival addresses a large and a large and eclectic audience. Interactive installations, concerts, multimedia performances, dance and video, visual art, film-concert and digital leisure are on the menu of this new edition which will take place in a as many places : Stereolux (La Fabrique, close to the Elephant of Royal De Luxe), les Nefs, Trempolino, le Pole Etudiant, Château des ducs de Bretagne, Katorza, Halle Alstom, le lieu unique, le Cinematographe, ENSAN, le Bâtiment B, le Stakanov.

Artists Presenting at this festival include: Nature Graphique /Aurélien Lafargue , Ryoichi Kurokawa, Joanie & Emptyset, We : Mantra, Sexy Sushi, Jackson & his computer band, Thomas Azier, Vitalic, Moritz Simon Geist and many more