Thalassa – a projection work by Nick Azidis and Rose Staff on show for three weeks 27.10.17 till the 12.11.17 as apart of High Tide Fremantle & Fremantle Festival

This piece uses geometric abstraction and pattern making to explore the terrain of the ocean and it’s history with humans.
Inspired by the curiosity humans have always had with the seas and our fascination of foreign travel, from exploring the unknown world and discovering new lands, to the movement of people, migration and new opportunities, including the mysteries of nature to better understand the oceans of the world and how it works, its power, its behaviour, direction and flow, also the knowledge gained with navigation and way finding instrumentation and inventions for map markings and longitude and latitude. In this work we draw in navigational tools from the past to inform our abstract patterns. Navigation, way finding across great distances was not always as accurate as it is today. The story of how Australia was discovered by the Europeans is entangled with devices around navigation. This piece uses the sphere as a representation of the world and examines our psychographic experience of the place. Psychogeography is an approach to geography that emphasizes playfulness and “drifting” from the daily routine to explore the familiar in a new way.
For this piece we really striped back the aesthetic and showed just the most refined elements for the installation from a larger body of work. We also didn’t use extensive mapping of the building as we felt it would detract from our concept and drift towards being too much of a spectacle.
Thanks to Quest Fremantle for their generous support of this project